1. Log in to the Control Panel
  2. Add Users
  3. Create a Brand
  4. Create a New Page
  5. Build a Page
  6. Preview a Page
  7. Share a Page
  8. Track a Page
  9. Duplicate an Existing Page


  • Email Best Practice
  • Download as PDF
  • Navigation Panel
  • Presentation/Full Screen Mode




If you're here, you're probably looking to showcase your work in a visual and digestible way. This step-by-step guide will help you do just that.

First, let's have a look at an example of a Releasd Page:

Note that you control the branding, layout and content of your Pages. More on that later.

Now, to briefly summarise how Releasd is used in practice:

  1. Create a Page
    Create your first Page by selecting an editable Template as a starting point (or start from a blank canvas).

  2. Add content
    Easily change the layout and add content as needed.

  3. Share
    Share a secure URL, paste live content from the Page into your email, or generate a PDF.

  4. Track
    View Engagement Analytics to see how well your Page performed.

  5. Clone
    For the next Page, simply duplicate the previous one and tweak as needed.

Simple, right? Now, let's jump in to see how the process works in detail:


1. Log in to the Control Panel

Go to and enter your name, email and password.

Tip: If you haven’t got a Login yet, you’ll need to request one from your account Administrator.



2. Add Users


Users that need to create Pages will require their own Login.

Logins are managed from the Control Panel > Logins tab.

Just click 'Add a New Login' to invite your colleagues into the account.


Read our full guide to managing users here.


3. Create a Brand

Brands control the look and feel of Pages.



All Pages under a Brand share the same logo, background image, fonts and colour scheme. 

You may want to create a Brand for a client, product line, campaign or event for example. You can create as many as you need.


1. Click on the Brands tab

Then click 'Add a New Brand'. 


2. Add your look and feel

After giving the Brand a name, edit the header, background and widget settings. 



Read our full article about Brands.


4. Create a New Page


Now you've added a Brand, it's time to create your first Page.


1. Click the Pages tab

Then 'Create a New Page'.



2. Pick a Brand

This will determine the look and feel of your Page.



3. Start from an editable, best practice Template, or blank canvas

Select from a range of layouts based on use cases like reporting, media relations and new business.

Note: The structure and content of a Template can be easily manipulated in the Builder.

Read our guide to Page Templates here.



5. Build a Page



Add a Headline and optional date at the top of the Page.



Create Pages by dragging and dropping different types of content onto the Page.

Each block of content is called a 'widget'.

Tip: Pages are saved automatically


The Toolbar

At the bottom right of the Page Builder, you'll see an 'Open Toolbar' button.



Click and the Toolbar will open. Here's what it contains:



Add a new Widget

To add a new widget, simply drag it from the Toolbar and drop it onto the page.

Learn about our selection of widgets here.


Add Content to a Widget

To add content to your widget, click the blue button.



Then, add the required content and click Save.



Resize Widgets

Drag the arrows in the bottom right corner to resize.



Rearrange Widgets

Simply drag and drop widgets to your chosen location.



Adding Sections

Section headers with spacers can be added to make Pages more digestible.

Drag and drop a Section Header from the Toolbar onto the Page



Place a Spacer above the Header to make the Page as digestible as possible.



Edit / Clone / Delete Widgets

Roll over a widget to select the relevant option in the footer.


Tip: The Share icon allows you to copy a widget and paste into your email, if you have that feature enabled. Read the article for more information.


Other Options

The footer of the Toolbar presents some further options.



6. Preview a Page


To see how your work will look to recipients, click Preview in the Toolbar.



To preview a Page from the Control Panel, select the Pages tab, the click Preview.



7. Share a Page


To share a Page, Sharing must first be switched on. A secure URL can then be shared via email or intranet.

Pages can be shared via the Toolbar in the Builder.



Or go to the 'Pages' tab in the Control Panel.



1. Put the page live

Before a page can be shared, it must be put live. Switch the Share slider on.



2. Select from four options

Share via link, create a beautiful cover email, generate a PDF or present full screen.



Read the full Sharing article here.


8. Track a Page


To see how much engagement your Pages are getting, follow the steps below.

1. Go the Pages tab in the Control Panel

Find your page, then click 'Analytics'.


2. View your live engagement data

View total visits, average duration, total duration, visits over time and by device.

Stats only record when the Page is live. Visits by logged in users are not counted. 



Best Practice: Are Your Releasd Pages Getting Engagement?​


9. Duplicate an Existing Page


Once you've created a Page that you're happy with, you can save time by duplicating it.

1. Go to the Pages tab, then click 'Duplicate'



2. Decide whether to keep the original content, or just the structure

  • Keep the layout: This maintains the structure of the Page, but strips out all of the content (e.g. coverage, stats etc). This is useful for monthly reports for example

  • Keep layout & content: This maintains both the structure and the original content. Useful if you want to tweak a Page for different audiences, for example one for Execs, another for Sales






Now you've mastered the basics, let's explore some additional capabilities.


Email Best Practice

Learn how to maximise click-throughs here.


Download as PDF

Learn how to create a hard copy or printable version of the Page here.


Navigation Panel

Viewers can quickly navigate to any part of the Page. Here's how.


Presentation/Full Screen Mode

View content full screen or present face-to-face. Learn how.

We hope you've found this guide useful. Have feedback or need help? Contact us at or +44 (0) 20 3355 7459.