The Summary Metrics widget is used to display KPIs and supporting activity in a clear and visually engaging way.



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1. Drag and drop a Summary Metrics widget onto the page

Then click the blue button.



2. Select a type of metric


There are three categories of metric to select from. You can add as many as needed from each category.


2.1. Option 1: Create your own



Create bespoke metrics and display them within the widget.



Click to add data:



Add a description:



Add an icon:



There are over 2,000 to choose from, but we've created a 'Popular' category for commonly used icons:



Change the icon colour if needed:



You've now created a custom metric:



2.2. Option 2: 'Use automated metrics'



Select from a raft of metrics that automatically calculate totals and averages from all coverage widgets within the page. 


Note: Data here is not editable. You can however update metric icons and descriptions.


Simply select the metrics that you wish to include:



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2.3. Option 3: Browse library of examples



We have provided a list of suggestions based on the different types of metrics commonly used. 


Select the metrics that you want to include:



Edit the data, description, icon and colour as needed:



3. Reorder or clone metrics


Hover over each panel to move, clone or delete:



4. Update widget settings


Add a title or description, or unify colours across all metrics.



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