The Print Coverage widget allows users to upload scans in the form of images (jpg, png) or PDFs to a scrolling gallery.



It can also be viewed full screen and downloaded.


1. Drag and drop the Print Coverage widget

Drag and drop a Print Coverage widget from the Toolbar onto the page, then click the blue button.


2. Add a Title and optional Description

Give the widget a title and describe the contents if needed. 

Tip: The scroll speed can be adjusted from static (user has to manually scroll) to very fast.



3. Upload PDF or image files from your computer

Click 'Add images or PDF files' and select as many files as required.



Tip: PDFs with multiple slides will be converted into multiple images, ie each slide will be shown in turn

Tip: there is no limit to the number of files that can be uploaded. Max size per individual file is 12MB


4. Add Contextual Information

On the next screen, you can optionally enter:

Title: the name of the publication

Circulation: the readership of the publication, sourced by you

Caption: any additional commentary on the piece

Include in summary metrics: the Summary Metrics widget automatically adds up the number of pieces of coverage and the total circulation. If one of the rows shows the second page of a double page spread for example, you may wish to exclude it from these totals.



5. Reorder (optional)

Click the Reorder button in the header of the widget to swap positions.


6. Click Done

Then save the widget.

7. Optional: Add Totals to the Summary Metrics widget

Read more about the Summary Metrics widget.