The following document types can be embedded into a Releasd page:

  • PDF
  • PPT & PPTX
  • DOC & DOCX
  • XLS & XLSX

Which means you can upload collateral including:

  • Press releases
  • Coverage trackers
  • Reports and white papers
  • Crisis packs
  • Presentations



Note: Clicking Expand allows users to view full screen. They can also download the original file.

1. Drag and drop a Documents widget

Then click the blue button.


2. Add a Title and optional Description

And decide whether recipients can download the original file.


3. Upload a file from your computer

It will then be processed and transformed into a web-friendly version that can be viewed within the widget, full screen or downloaded.

Tip: Large files may take a long time to process. We recommend optimising PowerPoint images to reduce filesize for example.