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The Toolbar

At the bottom right of the Page Builder, you'll see an 'Open Toolbar' button.



Click and the Toolbar will open. Here's what it contains:



Add a new Widget

To add a new widget, simply hold down the mouse key, then drag it from the Toolbar and drop it onto the page.



Resize Widgets

Drag the arrows in the bottom right of each widget to resize.



Rearrange Widgets

Simply drag and drop widgets to your chosen location.



Add Content to a Widget

To add content to your widget, click the blue button.



Then, add the required content and click Save.



Tip: Need advanced help? Click on the headers below for more information and best practice.


Header & Spacer

The Header and Spacer widgets can be used to create sections and dividers respectively.


Add copy, for example a summary of your PR activity.

Summary Metrics

Create a simple infographic for page-level metrics.

Online Coverage with Metrics

Paste URLs to quickly generate live snapshots of online articles with a raft of automated metrics.



Print Coverage

Upload scans in the form of PDFs or images to create galleries of print coverage.

Social Posts

Showcase live individual posts or Stories from social channels.

Social Feeds

Embed live accounts or searches from Twitter and Facebook.


Draw attention to comments from media influencers or event attendees.


Showcase product shots, event images or any other supporting imagery in a gallery.


Upload/embed broadcast coverage or promo content which can be played within the Page.


Embed press releases, reports, coverage logs or any Word, PPT, PDF or Excel files.


Include links to other reports or any web page.


Add contact information, for example for the team who created the Page.


Embed content from third party platforms including audio, Google Maps or countdown clocks.

Edit / Clone / Delete Widgets

Roll over a widget to select the relevant option in the footer.


Tip: The Share icon allows you to copy a widget and paste into your email, if you have that feature enabled. Read the article for more information.


Adding Sections

Section headers with spacers can be added to make Pages more digestible.



1. Drag and drop a Section Header widget from the Toolbar onto the Page



2. Double click the title to update and format it, or click the droplet to change colours



3 Drag and drop a Spacer widget from the Toolbar onto the page



4. Resize as needed



Other Options




Allows you to control the look and feel of the Page. Learn more.


See how the Page will look to recipients. See an example Page here.


Create a link, share via engaging email, download a spreadsheet or generate a PDF. Learn more.


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