Sometimes websites are coded in such a way that our Online Coverage widget cannot identify the headline, image or excerpt.

On other occasions, the information may be behind a paywall, or the publication may forbid scraping of any kind.

In such cases, the content may not automatically display in the widget.

Luckily, there is a workaround.


Manually add the Article Image

Find the relevant Article within the Online Coverage widget.

Then, roll over the cog and click on 'Select Image' from the Actions menu:



You can also chose to 'Upload an image from my computer'.


Add the article Headline and Text

Select 'Edit Headline & Text' from the Actions menu.



Enter your own headline and body text to see it automatically appear in the preview, and click 'Save'.

Optional: add captions to your articles

You can also add captions to each individual article, for example your own commentary, a great quote from the article, or some key stats.

To add a caption, click the '+ caption' button or select 'Caption' from the Actions menu.



You can also change the title from 'Caption' to something more appropriate such as Key Quote, Comment or Stats.

Finally, click the 'Save' button.