Sometimes online coverage cannot be fetched, for example if:

  • The source site is not coded using widely accepted web standards
  • The article is behind a paywall
  • The publication blocks scraping

Alternatively, users may wish to change parts of the content, for example if:

  • There is a more relevant part of the article
  • The image is not representative of the brand in question
  • A caption is required to add context

Luckily, there is a workaround. Read on.


a) Update the copy

Control the publication name, article headline or summary by clicking on the relevant content - or add a caption.



b) Change the published date

Simply click on the date and a calendar will appear.



c) Change the image

Roll over the image for available options.



Images can be:

i) Sourced automatically from the article

ii) Uploaded from your computer

iii) Added via image URL

iv) Left blank



d) Cancel changes

Click the blue icon to restore the original copy.