All Pages under a Brand share the same logo, background image, fonts and colour scheme.

You may create different Brands for clients, campaigns, products, events or for regular reports to Execs for example.

Examples of Brand names could include:

  • ACME Client Reports (ie all reports for ACME are grouped under this Brand)
  • Executive Reports (ie reports that are sent to the board are grouped under this Brand)
  • X Event (ie updates from this event are grouped under this Brand)
  • Etc



Note: There are two ways of managing Brands: via the Control Panel, or within the Page Builder Toolbar.

Tip: You can tweak the look and feel for an individual Page without needing to create new Brand. See Method 2 below.


Method 1: Add or Edit a Brand via the Control Panel

This allows you to both create a new Brand and edit an existing one.

Note: Changes made to a Brand will impact all Pages under it. 

1. Click on the Brands tab

Then 'Add a New Brand'.



A sidebar panel will appear over a dummy Page, enabling you to see how the branding appears in real time.



2. Add a Brand Name

For example your client, campaign, event etc.



3. Control the header

Upload a logo, and pick colours and a font.

Tip: Download a free colour matching extension



Uploading a logo

When uploading images, you can crop, circle or rotate before confirming.

Read our best practice guide: How do I Optimise a Logo / Add More Than One to a Single Report?



3. Control the background

Add a background image and decide how it'll be displayed.

Tip: Read our best practice article: What Makes a Killer Background Image?



You can either upload your own image (recommended dimensions around 1400px wide by 900px tall, but anywhere near those numbers is fine), or select one from our Unsplash integration, which provides a huge library of free, high quality photography.



In terms of display settings:

  • Fill: the image will fill the entire screen regardless of size
  • Static: the image will show as its actual size and align to the top left, If it's too small to fit the screen, the background colour will show
  • Tile: ideal for small repeating patterns or textures


4. Control the Widgets

Select colours and fonts for your content.



Method 2: Edit a Brand via the Toolbar in the Page Builder (also change the look & feel of an individual Page without creating a new brand)

In the Page Builder, click on the Brands tab within the Toolbar.



Follow the process in Method 1 above, then decide whether your changes impact the Brand or just the Page.

When you make a change and go to save, you'll see the following prompt. Choose as needed.



Duplicate a Brand

To clone a Brand, go to the Brands tab, find your Brand, then select 'Duplicate Brand' under the Actions menu.