Looking to blow your stakeholders away with a stunning background image that complements the content on the page? Choose wisely!

But where to start? Follow our five top tips to give yourself the best change of success:


1. Make it relevant

Pretty obvious, but a good background image should ideally have some connection to the content of the page.

Most PR teams have access to their own image library, and this is often a great place to start.

Alternatively, Unsplash is a completely free source of high quality imagery.

Luckily, we offer a full integration with Unsplash, so you can select from their extensive range without leaving Releasd. Learn how here.



Alternatively iStock has a huge library of photography around any theme. It’s also quite reasonably priced.



2. Subtlety is key

The background shouldn’t interfere with, or distract from, the content. So avoid logos, text and anything too cluttered.

Images with varying focus (ie some parts blurred, some parts clear) tend to work well. 


3. Use space wisely

Because Releasd widgets are likely to fill the middle of the screen, it makes sense to use an image where there is some action to the left or the right of the content.


4. Get the dimensions (roughly) right

An image that’s too small will degrade when blown up to screen size. But one that’s overly large may take a little longer to load.


We recommend a landscape image with dimensions of approximately 1400px (pixels) wide and 800px tall. Anything around these numbers will work just fine.


5. Set to 'Fill'

There are three options within the Releasd control panel for positioning a background image. Static, Tile and Fill. Setting it to Fill ensures that the image will fill the entire screen, regardless of its size or dimensions.