Releasd was to replace PDFs, because hard copy formats are unable to present modern PR content in an engaging, interactive way.

Specifically, downloadable PDFs cannot:

Showcase scrolling galleries of content

This limits how coverage or images can be displayed.

Include live metrics

Because Releasd reports are online, we are able to update metrics on an ongoing basis. This is not possible with a hard copy.

Include interactive social media

PDFs can only include static screenshots of social posts; the online versions are interactive with accurate engagement metrics.

Host playable videos

Obviously videos can't be played in a PDF.

Different pieces of content have differing dimensions, and we also need to ensure that everything is displayed with adequate spacing for comments or captions, which can be of varying length.

This is why each piece of content gets its own slide, and why the formatting cannot be edited. 

The PDF version of the report is designed to be a backup to the online version - something that can be downloaded or printed if needed. But the recommended way to share a Releasd report is via a link, which will provide the best possible experience for readers - whether they're on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.