Once you've put your report live, it's likely that you'll share the link by email.

Let's explore some best practices that can increase engagement.


Subject Line

We recommend avoiding the typical 'Monthly PR Report' subject line in your email.

This is a missed opportunity; the more attention-grabbing and relevant the subject line, the more likely it is that the recipient will open the email. It is analogous to a press release headline. Consider teasing out a key aspect of the report and featuring it in the subject line, for example:

CEO interviewed in FT - March PR Report
The best coverage from our launch event


In the first example, you can see that we're still able to insert the standard - 'Monthly PR Report' (or similar) tag to help recipients find older emails.


Think of the subject line of your email as you would the headline of a press release. It must capture attention!



Include a short summary of what the recipient can expect to see in the full report, ideally as a few bullet points. For example:


Please find below a link to our latest update. Highlights include:

  • Excellent response to our key product launch
  • New promo video featuring CEO
  • Preparations for our summer release


Call to Action

Include a clear text call to action which is hyperlinked to the report, for example:

View the Report

Ensure it stands out by making the font size larger and leaving plenty of space around it. 

Tip: Be wary of using *only* an image as a call to action, as some people may not download images.


Visual Option 1: Create HTML Emails

You can copy any widget from a report and paste a live version into your Outlook or Gmail email message.

A clear link to the full report is automatically included within each widget.



The recommended approach is to showcase only the best elements from your report in the cover email, to entice the reader to click through to the full version.

Tip: HTML Emails are an optional feature and may not be switched on for your account. If you're unable to follow the steps below and would like to take advantage of the feature, please contact support@releasd.com



  1. Go into the Report Builder 
  2. Hover over a widget
  3. Click 'Email' in the footer of the widget

  4. Paste the content into your email
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4

Tip: Because the content exists within your email, you can manually edit it. For example changing copy, font sizes, bolding, reordering etc.


Visual Option 2: Embed a Screenshot of the Report

Many clients screenshot a portion of their report and hyperlink it, as a visual teaser.




1. Go to the public view or Preview of the report (Control Panel > Actions > Preview)
2. Using your browser controls, zoom out until you can capture the area you like (here's how)
3. Screenshot the page (use Cmd + Ctrl + Shift + 4 on a Mac, or read here for Windows instructions)