You can embed live Google Docs or Sheets via the Embed widget.

The embedded document will update automatically when the source is changed. This may take a few seconds/minutes.

1. Share your Google Document

Click the Share button in the top right of your Google Document. When the popup appears, select 'Anyone with the link', then Save.


2. Publish to the Web

Click on File in the main menu, then select 'Publish to the web'.

3. Grab the embed code

Click Publish. This simply generates an embed code. It still adheres to the privacy settings selected earlier.

Select the Embed tab, then copy the embed code.


Tip: for Sheets, you can choose to share the whole document or specific tabs

4. Paste the embed code into a Releasd Embed widget - and be sure to read point 5 below


  • Use the Embed widget, not the Docs widget
  • The sizing will not be correct - be sure to read point 5 below to complete the process

5. Fix the sizing

Now we need to manually add a little bit of code to ensure that the content fits within the widget.

First, copy the code in bold below to your clipboard:


Then, paste it exactly as shown below, between iframe and src 


Then, click save and you're done.