Adding Coverage to a Releasd Page

Last Updated: Jul 05, 2016 03:40PM BST
There are various ways to add coverage to a Releasd Page.
  • The Gallery widget is ideal when you have scans of coverage in the form of image or PDF clippings.
  • The Articles widget is ideal for online coverage.
  • The Documents widget can be used to showcase huge files in the form of Word, PowerPoint, Xcel or PDFs.

Click here to see an example of each in this Page

1. I get print clippings sent to me in PDF

Many Releasd users receive PDFs from clippings companies or agencies. The easiest way to add these to your Releasd page is by uploading PDF clippings to the Gallery widget. What this does is, it converts each page of the PDF into an image. PDF images can then be downloaded by the recipients.

Alternatively, you can 
upload them to Documents widget. The original PDF file can also be downloaded by the recipient. 

Common Questions:
- Can I upload multiple PDFs to a document widget? 
Currently, the Documents widget only takes one file per widget. We recommend merging PDFs into one file using a free service called
- I'd like the Page to cycle through coverage automatically. How do I do that? 
Upload the clippings to the Gallery Widget
- Are there any restrictions on file size or number of pages? 
No, not at all. You can upload any size of document, and allow the viewer to download the full original file.


2. I have image files (jpg, gif, png) of print clippings

Scans, screenshots and images of print coverage can easily be uploaded to the Image Gallery widget directly from your computer or file server. Benefits of the image gallery widget include automatically scrolling through the images (which brings more movement to the page), ability to view in full screen and download individual clippings. 

Common Questions: 
- I have a PDF with images, how do I upload this? 
You can upload the PDF clippings to the Gallery Widget. What this does is, it screenshots each page of the PDF and converts it into an image.
- Are there any restrictions on file size or number of images? 
There are no restrictions on the number of images, however the largest individual image you can upload is 8MB. 


3. I have online coverage to upload

Anything with a URL (blog posts, online newspapers articles, etc) can all be included using the Articles widget. This creates a small preview of the article and links directly to the source. This widget scrolls through all of the uploaded coverage and any updates made to the articles will be shown live in the Releasd widget. 

Common Questions:
- The preview doesn't show the part of the article I need. Can I change it? 
Not currently, however, this is something we're looking into. In the meantime, try taking a screenshot of the key part of the online article and adding it to an Image Gallery.
- Are there any restrictions to the number of articles I can add? 
There are no restrictions on the number of articles in one widget. However, if you have quite a few, try breaking them up by specific campaign, region or type of publication to make the Page easier to read.

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