Embedding Facebook Content

Last Updated: Jul 26, 2016 04:13PM BST
There are two ways to embed content from Facebook.

1. Display a live Facebook Wall via the Social widget

This will embed a scrollable Facebook Wall which automatically updates to show the latest content.

How it works:

1. Simply drag on the Social widget on to the Page builder screen.

2. Select "Facebook" and add the full URL of the page in question. Click Save.


The Viewer

The recipient will be able to see an up to date version of the facebook feed.

If the widget is empty:

If no content displays, either the page has not been updated recently (resolve by updating the Wall), or there are age / nationality restrictions for the page (resolve by switching off restrictions if possible). These are Facebook security measures that apply to all third party sites that embed content. 

2. Display specific Facebook Posts via the Embed widget 

1. Drag the Embed widget on the screen in the Page Builder.
2. Find the Facebook Post you want to embed. In the top right corner of the post, you will see a small drop-down arrow. Click it and then select 'Embed'.

Note: If the 'Embed' option is not present, the Administrator of the Facebook Page has disabled this option and the Post cannot be embedded.

2. Copy the code from the pop-up that appears.

3. Paste the embed code into a Releasd Embed widget. Make sure you edit the width in the code to 100% (appears twice in the code, one beside the other)

6. Click Save and you're done (you may need to refresh the Page to see the widget).

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