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Last Updated: Sep 05, 2016 10:34AM BST
  • Add as many galleries as you need
  • Upload JPG, Gif, PNG or PDF clippings
  • Upload PDFs - each page will be extracted from within the document and displayed as a separate image (note: use the Docs widget for PDFs that don't contain clippings) 
  • There's no limit to the number of images that can be added to each gallery
  • The individual file size limit is 8mb (i.e. 8mb per image)

In the Page Builder

1. Drag the Gallery widget on to the Page
2. Add a title and description if desired
3. Click the green tab 'Manage Files'

4. Select images or PDFs from your computer by clicking on the grey button.

5. Reorder images by holding your mouse down on the image and dragging and dropping. You can also rearrange in bulk by selecting multiple boxes and dragging and dropping them. 

6. You can add captions and URLs to each image if required by clicking on the 'Captions' tab. Once captions and URLs are updated, click 'Save Captions'. 

7. Once captions are added, you can see a blue circle in the top right corner of each captioned image. Scrolling over the blue circle will show you the caption you have given the image.

Note: Scrolling over the image will show you the file name.

8. Click the green 'Done' button once all images are uploaded.

8. Finally, click 'Save' button in the Widget


The Viewer

Users see a scrolling gallery of all images. The total number of images is displayed on the left bottom corner of the widget. An option to download images is also available on the right bottom corner.

Users can click on the gallery, which opens a window showing all images with captions and links. If images are larger than either 1024px width or 768px height, a lower res version is automatically created. This allows users to download files in the size that suits them best:

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