Adding or Changing a Background Image

Last Updated: Jul 04, 2016 12:27PM BST

Need to manipulate images? Pixlr is a great free tool. More here

Wondering why your background image looks different on different screens? Click here. 

Changing a Brand's background image will update it across ALL pages owned by that Brand.


1. Select the green 'Brands' tab


2. Select 'Edit Brand' from the Actions menu

(Find the actions menu by hovering over the cog icon  )


3. Select a new background from your computer

4. Choose whether you want the background image to repeat, fill the screen or hug the left


​Repeats the image horizontally and vertically to fill the screen - good for patterns and textures. Example: 

Download free background textures from here:


Automatically fits into the available screen space (don't worry; it won't the distort the image). This works best for larger images. We recommend at least 1400px wide and 800px tall. Example: 

You can search for free background images here:


The image will remain at its original size and will be anchored to the top left of the screen. Example:

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